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What I Do

I search for exciting “MONO” from all over the world and connect them to Japan… I connect the “MONO” that I love with care…

My job is to spread the world’s favorite “MONO” to Japan and let many people know about the world’s favorite “MONO”.


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About Me

I would like to connect Japan with the world with such a desire to continue to cherish and protect the precious "MONO" that I have found while traveling around the world. Although I am still a novice trader, I would like to make the most of my life experiences to make precious "MONO" shine with my own sense and senses.




We are working as a team to introduce wonderful “MONO” from all over the world to Japan under the consulting services of Mr. Hideaki Otake, a leading expert in the import business and crowdfunding.

First of all, we would like to offer our products to you by utilizing the recent trend of crowdfunding.



Introduction of "Hideaki Ohtake," a leading expert on crowdfunding